Face Body Lotion Skin Repair Body Cream Chicken Skin Anti Wrinkle

This cream contains natural plant extracts and whitening factor, which could rapidly improve your face and body. It help to remove acne, decompose aged cutin or melanin, cure keratosis pilaris, KP, chicken skin, dilute spots, maintain normal skin ph and other uses. The cream also can promote the ability of maintain moisture, hormonal balance, restore normal metabolism while conditioning maintenance privates young, plump, pink state and delay skin aging.


1.Quickly penetrates the skin to moisturize the skin, improve the roughness of the skin, increase the elasticity of the skin and smooth the skin.

2.Moisturizing ingredients soften the skin, eliminate toxins, improve skin condition, and promote the skin healthy and tender.

3.Dredge the hair follicles, remove chicken skin, improve pore blockage and shrink pores, firm the skin and make the skin smooth and firm.

4.Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, remove excess keratin and help your skin heal.

5.Helps reduce and prevent the buildup of keratin which causes the red bumps.