21 pcs Manicure / Pedicure Set

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Blue 21
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Red 21
Brown 21
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All in one Manicure / Pedicure Set is here for all the self treatments. It's small and chic design, you can enjoy your nail care anytime, anywhere. It includes everything and is more than enough for normal home use.

Manicure Pedicure Set (18Pcs)

1. 1x Nail file for coarse wrinkles

2. 1x Double-headed pick

3. 1x Eyebrow scissors

4. 1x Nipper pliers

5. 1x Bevel Eyebrow tweezeers

6. 1x Large nail clipper

7. 1x Large flat-head pedicure knife

8. 1x Small flat-head pedicure knife

9. 1x Bevel pedicure knife

10.1x Crescent pedicure knife

11.1x Dead skin prong

12.1x Small dead skin remover

13.1x Four-ring spiral ear-pick

14.1x Acne needle

15.1x Ear-pick

16.1x Bevel nail clipper

17.1x Medium nail clipper

18.1x Mini nail file for fine wrinkles

Addtional (For 21 piece sets)

19. Bowl shape ance needle

20. Mini nail clipper

21. Bevel Eyebrow tweezeers

Be careful when using, because they are extremely sharp, please do not let the children use the tools alone.

Package Includes: 1 PC Manicure/ Pedicure Kit